To live in the profession of an artist.

What to do to eat as an artist. In order to live in the profession of an artist, it is necessary to make a living mainly by selling art works.

The main source of income is from another job, and making art works on holidays and extra time is an area of   “hobby”, not an artist.

There are two types of artists. People who form their careers as artists and people whose way of life itself is an artist. Occasionally there are people who apply to both.

The artists who form their careers are more like entrepreneurs. Starting from an amateur, we will step by step to become a star who is said to be a master of the world.

In order to increase the added value as a writer, he is eager to change the handling gallery for each stage of his career, and to provide his own branding and services to collectors. An artist whose way of life itself is a recluse in a good sense.

Making a work is life itself, and I’m not interested in future success or strategy, and I ‘m working on what I really like, so it’s nice to see it. However, poverty is destined to always fight.

Career up as an artist

In the early stages of career advancement, in order to live as a writer, in addition to creating works, it is often necessary to set exhibition locations, sell to galleries, explain works, and promote to visitors.

As your career progresses, you need more specialized ability to promote to a wider global market and influential collectors seeking more value, and at that stage it is better to rely on external production than to do it yourself. You can demonstrate your abilities.

At least in the early stages of career advancement, it is necessary to effectively self-produce, and it is better to think that it is unlikely that the outside will produce it without permission.

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