The premise that “artists cannot sell their works and live”

It’s a sturdy identify ~.

I gave it a terrifying identify.  If you dare to observe, “artist” does no longer mean “musician”. I regularly say that musicians are artists, however essentially eastern musicians are not making new sounds. Of route, there are people in Japan who’re making sounds that create new fee, but alas there are no individuals who can compare it, so it would not seem inside the table.

That is why nowadays I’m talking about the area of great art, crafts.

Currently, I had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Tsuchikura, a gallery at Gallery Umangite Tokyo, who stated without hesitation, “it’s miles not possible for a writer to promote his paintings and turn out to be unbiased. “

Useless to say, you can tell by using searching at various exhibitions, but while you say it face-to-face from the gallery owner’s mouth, the tension goes down as it’s far. (in case you dare to make a notice, I suppose it was a story of promoting works in the gallery …) So how do you eat? This is the story.

There is no market to buy and promote art in Japan

So, that is a story that there’s no artwork marketplace in Japan.

Case Study

There’s no market in Japan to buy and promote art. Nicely, everyone is aware of this, however they can not inform you. With some exceptions, there appears to be a japanese painting marketplace. I don’t know plenty about japanese painting, however i have heard that the conservative soil has been making efforts to comfy the marketplace for a long term.

Some may also say, “Then, who’re the artists of current art which include Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara? Are you consuming properly?”, however they’re no longer earning profits in the Japanese market. The paintings is bought in remote places markets. Even if it’s far sold in Japan, it is not sold to Japanese humans, but to human being’s remote places.

I can say it once more.

There may be no marketplace for getting and promoting art in Japan.

However, on the opposite, it’s miles absolutely not possible to promote the work as a product and make a profit … It’s miles vital to locate any other method. And simply do it.

However, the appropriate is that my paintings hits the hearts of diverse human beings and hits me, and those human beings very own the paintings and purchase it, so I concentrate on one paintings production. It is a lifestyle of being capable of make more Limon.

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