Polish Food why it’s Delicious?

When you visit Poland, you can of course visit the sights, but it is also recommended to enjoy Polish Food. There are many delicious foods, Polish specialties and famous sweets in Poland.

What is the Polish food?

Polish food is often meat and is similar to German and Russian food. Many of the dishes are stewed for a long time. Pork dishes are especially popular, and many dishes have a unique sourness for Poles who like sourness.

Poland is world-famous as a gourmet country. Polish food is very popular because it is reasonably priced but delicious, and many people from all over the world come for Polish food. Polish food is a wide variety and you should be satisfied with it.

Why Polish food is delicious?

Let me tell you why Polish food is delicious. The country of Poland is surrounded by various countries. As a result, various races and ethnic groups came to Poland, and Poland became a multi-ethnic country. Most of the Polish specialties are brought in from other countries.

As a result of a mixture of foods from different countries, a unique Polish dish was born. Therefore, Polish food has a wide variety and is popular for its delicious taste. Today’s Polish Food was made in the 19th century and became world famous.

In Poland, we eat four times a day. Polish Recommended Food


Bigos is the recommended dish in Poland. Bigos is a well-known dish in Poland, a steamed meat and cabbage dish with a distinctive acidity.

It is a dish using sauerkraut, which is famous for Eastern European Food, and the meat and sauerkraut are carefully simmered. It is not recommended for those who have sourness and dislike sour foods, but since many Polish dishes have sourness, bigos is one of the weakest dishes.

Bigos is a dish that almost always appears in Poland for special occasion meals. It is said that the one cooked for 3 days is the most delicious. Bigos has a variety of recipes, so it depends on the region of Poland, and each dish has its own taste.

Mix sauerkraut with sausages and mushrooms, or add tomatoes and onions.


The recommended Polish dish is pierogi. Speaking of Polish food, it is so famous that it is called pierogi. It looks like gyoza, but unlike gyoza, it doesn’t have soup.

The skin is thick and the ingredients inside are various ingredients. There are many variations such as meat, potatoes, cheese, sour cabbage, mushrooms, etc., so let’s enjoy various tastes. The taste of pierogi differs depending on the restaurant, so it is recommended to eat while walking.

There are also pierogi like sweets. Those with custard cream inside and those with fruits such as blueberries and berries are also popular. Sprinkle with jam and yogurt to make it a sweet.

Pierogi is said to be a food made by Chinese dumplings, and has created a unique Polish recipe. Boiled pierogi is common, but it can also be fried or baked. There is also a restaurant where you can choose the taste of the sauce for pierogi.

The sauce tastes like cheese sauce and sour cream, and it goes well with pierogi. Please try pierogi with various flavors such as meat, vegetables, fruits, and cheese.


The recommended Polish dish is goulash. When you go to a Polish restaurant, many people order it as a set with a food called plaque, so please try it.

Goulash was originally a Hungarian dish, but it was arranged in Poland to become a stew-like food as it is today. Hungarian goulash is a soup, while Polish goulash is a beef stew-like dish with plenty of meat and vegetables to warm your body.

The recipes for the same food differ depending on the region.


The recommended dish in Poland is Pratsuki. Pratsuki is a typical Polish dish and is a food loved by Poles. It’s a famous dish that Poles always say “Platsuki” when they ask about their favorite food, so please try it when you visit Poland.

Pratsuki is a pancake of potatoes, which is more enjoyable as a meal than a pancake of sweets, so it is very delicious if you sprinkle salt on it. It’s a popular menu in Polish restaurants, and Poles make and eat plaques at home.


The recommended Polish dish is Jurek. Jurek is a Polish specialty soup that has a unique acidity and is like Polish miso soup. Many people are not good at the soup made by fermenting rye called Zakuwas and using the supernatant.

Try Jurek, which contains onions, carrots, celery and other ingredients and is often found in bread at restaurants. This soup is recommended for those who want to eat Polish specialties.


Polish recommended dish Tatar. Tatar is almost raw meat food, and it is a tartare steak like yukhoe that is hardly seasoned. When you eat it at a restaurant, it comes with appetizers and soup.

Some restaurants are served with eggs, and when eaten with eggs, it feels like yukhoe. If you visit a Polish restaurant, you should definitely try it.

Ham and Sausage

Recommended Polish dishes are ham and sausage. Germany is famous for sausages and hams, but Polish hams and sausages are also famous, so please try it. In Poland, sausages are called Kielbasa.

There are many kinds of sausages, but there are few spicy sausages like Germany. Polish ham is called sinker. Polish ham is not raw, but boneless ham, which is full of meat, so it is irresistible for ham lovers.

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