Changes brought by the evolution of AI and technology for people and society- “C & C User Forum & iEXPO2016”

“Singularity” (technical singularity) where the intelligence of AI exceeds the ability of humans. It is an important keyword related to the future of humankind, but what kind of evolution will our society and life achieve in the future? At the C & C User Forum & iEXPO2016, Professor Kumi Fujisawa, the representative of Thinktank Sophia Bank, was the moderator, and Professor Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist at City University of New York, writer Hiroshi Aramata, and Katsumi Emura of NEC talked

In an era when people are asked how to utilize the capabilities of AI:

Known as a theoretical physicist, Professor Michio Kaku is a Japanese-American (third generation). Through various media, he has shown the future unraveled by the latest science.

One of them is teleportation technology. It is professed that technology to teleport humans will be established in the 22nd century at the latest. We also predict that cancer will become a cold-level illness in the future as medical technology advances. In fact, new forms of medicine and nanomedical care are emerging, and in the field of nanomedical care, it is becoming possible to pinpoint cancer cells.

In this way, the evolution of technologies such as AI is trying to make things that seemed like dream stories one after another. Michio Kaku’s special lecture prior to this session also showed various future images such as manned exploration of Mars, cancer treatment based on genetic analysis, efforts to digitize human brain functions such as perception and memory. I did.

At the beginning of the panel discussion, writer Hiroshi Aramata, who was asked about his impressions, said, “It is a big surprise that the world that has been depicted in science fiction novels will really come in the not too distant future.

Diseases like cancer. It would be great if we could overcome this, but on the other hand, when a completely different environment is realized, there is a part where people are worried whether they can adapt to it properly. Of science fiction works called masterpieces Many of them deal with the dark future in which people are dominated by technology. From the standpoint of the writer, I am very concerned about whether I can continue to write stories of a bright future in the future. ” Speak.

In response, Michio Kaku said, “Surely in Hollywood, you make a lot of movies where robots plan to conquer the world. However, real AI does not have self-awareness like human beings, just It’s just executing the command it’s instructed to do, and lack of self-awareness doesn’t create a voluntary motivation.

Already we can’t calculate faster than computers, but that doesn’t bother us. No, right? In the same way, I think people will gradually adapt to the new world.

Just as medicine can be poisonous if misused, the most important point is how to use technology. After all, it’s a human problem. Even if the era of singularity comes, the protagonist is still “people.”

It is important to determine the maturity of technology and ride the “wave”

Social change due to the singularity is expected to have a significant impact on the business of companies. What kind of products and services will society demand in an era when AI can take the place of people? It can be said that it is time for companies to think about it.

 One day, even if there is no doubt that major changes will occur in the future. Suddenly, the world will not be completely different from yesterday. We have to think in advance how society will change and how we need to change. This is because there is a possibility of making a mistake in the response, “points out Katsumi Emura of NEC.

The maturity level of technology is a great hint in preparing for such a future. Many groundbreaking ideas have disappeared in the light of day, partly because they misread the evolutionary level of technology.

 In the computer world, semiconductor integration doubles every 18 months. “Moore’s Law” is famous, but it is important to identify what you can do now and what you can do in the near future by referring to these things. Companies that are trying to open up new businesses should be like surfers.

I want surfers to be able to ride the waves because they are well prepared for the next wave. If possible, I recommend riding the second wave instead of the first. People who try to ride the waves will definitely fall, so we should be able to learn a lot from that (laughs), “says Kaku.

Also, here, we must never forget the idea of   “human-centered”. Technology provides us with a lot of convenience and comfort, but it also carries the risk of creating problems such as addiction and misuse. Even if technology that enables new things is created, it does not make sense if it cannot make people and society happy.

 However, with the development of AI, it is more important to proceed with technology development while considering people and society. I feel that NEC needs to keep this in mind,” says ~Emera.

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