6 ways artificial intelligence businesses can affect our daily lives

Investment in AI never stops. According to Fuji Chimera Research Institute, the domestic market for AI-related businesses (analysis services utilizing AI, consulting for building AI environments, SI, products that support AI environments, cloud services, etc.) will reach 2 trillion in FY2030. It is expected to reach 120 billion yen. Beginning with the use in transportation represented by autonomous driving, it will be used as a matter of course in distribution and retail in the optimization of product proposals. This time, we will introduce the current status of businesses and service cases that utilize AI, and consider the impact on future business

The mechanism of artificial intelligence, the background of the recent boom

Artificial intelligence is a computer system capable of cognition, learning, reasoning, judgment, etc. possessed by the human brain. There are 2 types of IA

Weak artificial intelligence: AI specialized in a specific field

Strong artificial intelligence: a versatile AI that is closer to humans

Currently, it is mainly weak artificial intelligence that is in the utilization stage. The boom in artificial intelligence has repeated a cycle of several occurrences and declines since the 1950s, but various application examples of deep learning technology have been announced, attracting attention again, and being put to practical use in many markets. There is.

Six areas of AI that will affect our daily lives in the near future

In the near future, AI will process information in a very sophisticated way and learn complex information. For example, processing facial information and real traffic information would be the case. AI that processes such complex information is being developed on a global scale and will have a direct impact on our daily lives in the near future.

1. Autonomous driving / automatic transportation

Toyota Motor, UBER, Google, etc. have already conducted experiments on autonomous driving, but it is said that development is still underway at present. In order to properly grasp the road surface and traffic information and drive safely, it is thought that automatic driving as a human assistance will become widespread for the time being. Also, it will take some time before it can be fully automated with official approval. However, according to Google, it is categorized from first level to full automation, and it is predicted that fully automated cars will be introduced for buses and some mobility.

At the very least, the opportunity to drive a car with stronger auxiliary features will soon come.

2. Cyborg technology

It can be said that cyborg technology is also expected to be put into practical use in the near future. With the advent of computers, we have already succeeded in expanding our own capabilities, but it is expected that it will develop dramatically with the evolution of AI. For example, in the field of artificial limbs and artificial limbs, many experiments are being conducted in combination with AI, and in the near future, cyborg technology will be selected as a natural solution.

3. Perform dangerous work on behalf of others

Robots are already working on behalf of humans for bomb disposal and work in radioactively contaminated facilities. However, these robots are currently unmanned aerial vehicles that can be operated remotely, and do not handle bombs themselves or decontaminate contaminated facilities. However, in the future, when AI is installed in these robots, the robots themselves will make decisions and work more autonomously. For example, a robot that automatically identifies and assembles parts without human instruction has already reached the practical stage.

4. Weather forecast

Supercomputers have already been introduced for meteorological forecasting, but when combined with AI, it may be possible to predict more complex climate changes and offer solutions. By utilizing AI, it may happen in the next future to hear the prediction that “rain will stop in 3 minutes”.

5. Robot as a family / deceased as a friend

Softbank’s robot “Pepper”, which was released ahead of the rest of the world, is expected to continue to evolve significantly in the future. For example, by accumulating the data of the deceased, putting it in a robot and combining it with AI, it becomes possible to talk with the deceased. In the future, robots that read human emotions and communicate according to those emotions will appear. The combination of robots and AI, like Astro Boy and Doraemon, is actually the most familiar possibility to us, and may be the most promising figure.

6. Pets for the elderly

In Japan, the pet market is growing year by year, but most of them are said to be kept by the elderly. Studies have shown that these pets are like family members and that living with them is also effective in caring for the elderly. Sony announced the latest model of AIBO in November 2017, and AI has been introduced into these pet-type robots, which will enable them to communicate more naturally. In addition to being a pet, the demand for it is increasing as a person who helps and supports daily household chores.

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